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Nature of Field

iNext was incorporated in 8th April 2006 with the main objective of participating in Extra Low Voltage and Broadcasting Communications Contracting Activities such as: - Audio Visual System, SMATV System, Public Address System, Computer Networking, Multimedia and etc.

Instead of that, Aluminums Works, Computer Software & Hardware such as systems and peripherals & etc, Telecommunication and Electrical Contracting Activities incidental were added to the company scope of works. Prior to that, company also directly dealt with the main contractor as sub contractor for the above services.

The Engineers of the company have extensive Extra Low Voltage construction experience accumulated over 7 years whereas 5 years on company level. The engineering know-how and contract administration capability makes iNext an extremely reliable and committed partner to solve all Extra Low Voltage problems. Quality products are secured at very reasonable prices and the benefits, exercised with careful engineering landscape, are tailored on to the customers through competitive bidding.

With increase capacity in manpower and technicality, iNext is poised to play a more significant role towards creating advanced technology and meeting the challenges of the 21st century or “Wawasan 2020” and MSC.

The company also established the need to provide and interactive communication to bring about communication into the cyberspace. As tiny as DOT it may be but when you put together with DOTS with the magic words, the result is a powerful communication tool. We provide that connectivity to link you to the cyberspace. We are a team of dynamic, energetic professionals wagering to change the world. Combined with the technical know-how, we exploit the interactive world to the fullest by providing result orientated business solutions and create impact on the information superhighway for our clients. With the Professional Engineer and strong technical support, we consult and assist our clients to create an effective and innovative web presence that is in line with the corporate goals and objectives.

This brochure is compiled to demonstrate the continuous consolidation of iNext and to afford and insight view of our operation. In line with our motto: -

“Anything you request, Everything we fulfill”, please be assured that from inquiry to completion, all are in the safe hands of iNext Marketing Sdn Bhd

What's  New

bullet How to control equipment from the web
bulletClassroom Monitoring
bulletSimple Home Control
bulletDemo of KTV control system will be available soon
bulletWHO Will Locate Their Office in Cyberjaya
bulletDatuk Robin had upgrade the control system facility to a new control system
bulletKPDN Bilik Angerik Putrajaya is a milestone in Integrated Control System portfolio
bulletTourism Malaysia had recently upgrade their conferences room facility to new AMX system. Both rooms are well connected thru IP networking

New Product

bulletFour-Channel Amplifier NG-450W
bulletEight-Channel Amplifier NG-850W
bulletRS232 - Analog Voltage Output
bulletDigital I/O - RS232
bulletEight Channel Heavy-duty Relay Module
bulletInternet Controller

Key Milestones

bulletDec 15 - Ministry of Health Putrajaya AV project roll out for another upgrade facility (completed)
bulletNov 11 - KPDN Putrajaya - Under Acceptance Test (completed)
bulletKUIM Project on course in upgrading its facility (completed)
bulletmore ...

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